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Best Pet Tech Products

Pet technology can have a large impact on a dog or cat’s health. Moreover, it can help a pet owner take care of his or her pet with greater ease.

According to Michael Fleck, DVM, “pets are part of our families and we want to make sure they are healthy and safe when we are a way from.

From connected collars with GPs , wifi water and feeders to climatized pet which weigh our pets,

Advances in technology have improved human as well as animal health.  Innovations in pet technology are continuously helping pet owners monitor their pets health and wellness as well as provide convenience.  With the appropriate pet tech products, pet parents can review data and can detect potential health problem sooner than later, allowing Fido or Felix to be treated sooner as well as reduce potential veterinary costs.

In the last twenty years, we see the growing  trend that pets are part of the family. As a result, we want to make sure that all of our family members have  better health and safety.

According to Terry Anderson, CEO of Wagz, (a pet technology company), “Everyday we read headlines about what is good for you in terms of health and nutrition for humans, yet many people have very little insight into what is best for our pet.  Modern pet owners increasingly want to do what they can to extend the life of their pet, reduce costly vet bills and increase the overall quality of their pets life. Like in their own life, these pets parents turn to advanced pet tech solutions to identify problems, set goals and increase the health and longevity of their furry family member.”

Moreover, we lead such busy lives that we want to find products that easily connect with our pets, integrate into our lifestyles and our homes as well as be shared with our veterinarians and at times our community. From Smart feeders, beds, watering bowls to wearing technology, check the new tech products on the market today.

Deliver the right food to the right dog-at the right time

Ditch the scoop and dog food mess for the newly introduced Wagz Smart Feeder that allows you to program and to automatically dispense the correct amount of food, at right time. Pet feeders are known for notoriously getting stuck allowing your pet to suffer by missing a meal and going hungry, but the Wagz Smart Feeder is equipped with anti-jamming technology, meaning that your pet will always be fed.  Moreover, the automatic stop cover contributes to healthy eating, preventing over-eating and theft of food by a pet sibling. And, pet owners can prevent food mix-ups in multiple pet households with a unique pet ID Tag in their smart dog collar that validates the correct dog is receives his or her proper food.  There is even a built-in video and two way audio so that while you’re away, you can see for yourself if your pet is eating properly.  Best part, the app keeps tabs on your pet food inventory so you don’t have too! The dash replenishment is built right in so you never have to worry about running out of food.  $250.00 www.wagz.com

Petrics Smart Bed

More than a Slumber

Petrics is adding its own take: a smart pet bed that monitors cats’ and dogs’ sleep patterns and weight. Owners can view the data collected via a mobile app, and it can be integrated with voice assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home along with smart home devices like Nest. The pet bed was created to fill a gap in pet wellness and care and also helps tracks weight on a consistent basis, providing a system to report weight findings as well as the detection of health issues from fluctuations of the weight for early detection and intervention. The Smart Bed also offers thermostatic control so owners can adjust the temperature. Along with the data from the smart bed, Petrics’s app features information about the kinds of dietary changes people can make to improve their furry friends’ health, including an index of various pet foods and details on ingredients, along with reminders for events like vet appointments. The Petrics Smart Bed is the first of the data-centric eco-system of Petrics products.  $250.00 www.petrics.com

Calming Device

About 75 million dogs owned by Americans suffer from anxiety.  CALMZ is an anxiety relief system worn by dogs in the form of a harness. CALMZ features NeuroSync Technology®, a therapeutic blend of classical music tones and soothing vibration. This clinically proven combination of therapies stops the production of adrenaline and increases blood flow to the brain to help reduce anxiety in dogs, $99.95 form www Calmz.com

Pawbo Eye

Keep an eye on your pet when you’re not at home

Pawbo Eye, a new generation of Pet Cams, is one product in the company’s Smart Care Center for Pets.  Use the camera with its App to help you to stay interactive and in control with your pet remotely.  The portable camera, with its 360 degree surrounding, is detachable for ultimate flexibility. The eye can be mounted with a magnetic mount or your pet can wear it. With 1080 definition, the Pawbo provides maximum visibility thanks to Sony Starvis, so that you can see what Fido or Felix is up to when you are not at home.    You can even live stream your pet’s action.  Edit his action and share it on his social media channels or yours. Let his Grandma and Grandpop see how he’s grown. You can even set up a safe zone to stay alert you on your phone of your pet’s safety so that you avoid home hazards and costly vet bills.   Additionally, if your pet is a barker, the app will send alerts and you can use the quality two-way radio, to stay connected, comfort and soothe your animal.  Lastly, it works with Alexa Voice Command. www.pawbo.com

Actijoy WiFi Water Bowl

Drink up

Actijoy, an IoT system consisting of a Health & Activity Tracker, a set of WiFi Food & Water bowls, and iOS and Android App, that can help prolong a dog’s life and help reduce veterinary costs. The Actijoy WiFi Water Bowl is an essential part of the whole Actijoy solution that watches dog’s daily water intake and alerts you of any deviation. It can also helps to keep water fresh, connects to the latest weather forecast so pet owners are informed about the increased need for water in hot weather, knows which dog is using in a multiple pet household and stores data so that pet owners can see data 24/7 of pet use. By watching water intake and amount of activity at a dog, you can prevent many diseases at an early stage, including five leading causes of death in dogs. www.actijoy.com

Wagz Smart Collar

Collar me to safety

The  BLACK+DECKER  Smart  Dog  Collar  uses  Wagz  technology  This  smart  collar  allows  you  to  trace  precise  boundaries,  get  alerts  and  locate  your  dog  from

anywhere  with  GPS  tracking,  track  your  distance,  routes,  or adventures  together  or  apart,  and  talk  to  your  dog  anytime  through  two-way  audio.  Our  collar  slogan  is:  Never  Lost.  Always  Connected.  The  collar  comes  in  black  or  purple. There  is  also  a  monthly  subscription  plan  to  use  the  products  at  $6.95/month. $159.000 for BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar at amazon.com

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