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You Can Make Things Happen: Help Stop Puppy Mills

Change happens because an engaged citizenry gets involved and makes their voices heard. Right now, we have an opportunity to make change for the hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs trapped in puppy mills.

The USDA is considering a¬†proposal that would require breeders to provide continuous access to clean water for dogs, stop breeders from reopening under an associate’s name after being cited under the Animal Welfare Act and ban dealers convicted of animal cruelty within the past three years from getting a federal license to breed and sell dogs. The proposal also would require each dog be given an annual, hands on vet exam.

You can express your support for these changes, while also urging the USDA to enact more meaningful reforms, by submitting comments here: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=APHIS-2017-0062-47066

The public comment period will remain open until June 5th.

The rule is a good first step, but it does not go far enough to ensure a decent quality of life for dogs in federally licensed commercial breeding operations. The USDA’s rules still allow commercial breeders to keep hundreds of dogs in small, stacked wire cages for their entire lives. Dogs in commercial breeding operations deserve a good quality of life, not just a clean bowl of water and an annual vet exam. They also deserve room to run, fresh air, and spacious, comfortable housing.

The USDA can strengthen this proposal by expanding the minimum kennel space that they require for licensed dog breeders, prohibiting inhumane wire or gridded flooring and ending the practice of stacking dogs up on top of each other in cages as a form of permanent housing. We are urging everyone who cares about dogs to urge the USDA to step and reign in puppy mill cruelty.

John Goodwin
Senior Director of the Puppy Mills Campaign at The Humane Society of the United States

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