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Celebrating National Dog Day


We love our dogs and they love us. For that, we’re eternally grateful. National Dog Day, always on August 26, honors our most loyal and adorable creature. Joining us to discuss how you can celebrate National Dog Day is Petrendologist Charlotte Reed, host of the syndicated radio show, The Pet Buzz. We are also joined by adoptable pooches from Last Chance Animal Rescue.  We don’t want you to miss out on the fun so we encourage you adopt today.

Leashes and Collars Collar the action

Auburn Leather Crafters creates beautiful leashes and collars for daily use or training.  While spending time in our nation’s Capitol, Teign is wearing the “American Traditions Leather and Ribbon Leash and Collar” but the training products are spectacular because of their craftsmanship as well as their longevity.  Moreover, training shouldn’t stop after your dog reaches adulthood. Training provides mental and physical stimulation throughout a dog’s life, even when he is a senior pet. www.auburndirect.com

Dog Treats

Treat ‘em well

Studies have shown that Americans treat their dogs 6-8 times a day.  Too many treats can contribute to an overweight dog and now, over half of American dogs are overweight. Many, who like their owners, can share similar health problems such as diabetes, joint pain and more.  Treat your pet sparingly with Houndations training treats that are low in calories and made with USA sourced ingredients in their own factories here in North American.  They have no artificial colors, additives or preservatives; they are also grain, wheat, gluten and corn free.  These small heart-shaped treats are great for small dogs, puppies and work as excellent training treats for all dogs.  Available in five proteins, either mix ‘em up or find your dog’s favorite. www.lovingpetsproducts.com


Pet Grooming

Spa time

Regular grooming not only helps your dog look and feel good but by doing it yourself from time to time, you can stay on top of any health concerns. Health concerns could include lumps, sensitive to the touch areas on the body and odors which when found at the early stages, can be treated by your veterinarian before they become more serious and costly. The Wahl Suite of dog products is planted derived, pH balanced, paragon and alcohol-free.  Choose from 7 varieties of shampoos, wipes, waterless no rinse shampoo formulas and deodorizers. Available at nationwide retailers and WahlUSA.com.


CBD Pet Products

Reduce the stress

Just like humans, pets can be stressed. Pet parents are reducing their stress with CBD products and doing the same for Fido. Rover’s Pets has a line of topicals and consumables with tinctures, balms and treats.  The company is committed to transparency plus their products are 100% THC FREE. Certified non-GMO as well as organically grown.  Their products are Kosher, too! www.roverspets.com


Seasonal Pet Toys

Seasonal toys

Rotating Fido’s toys are a must. In addition to a few constants, new seasonal toys like these back to school toys are whimsical, enjoyable and provide him fetch time, snuggle time or chew time.


Gifts for Dog Lovers

Celebrate your relationship

Celebrate your relationship as a dog mom or dad who spoils their four-legged family members.  www.petrageousdesigns.com

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