2022 New Year’s Pet Resolutions

Did you know that the most common aspirations for this New Year are to better manage money, to loose weight and to be happier. But these goals can also apply to our pets.  



Managing pet dollars and cents

Creating a pet budget allows a pet owner to create a spending plan for their pet needs. A budget ensures you will have a good idea of how much money you will spend for canine, feline, or other pet goods and services in the new year. Pet owners need to figure how much money they spend monthly on food & treats, litter, parasite protection, medication, and other maintenance goods as well as dog walking, boarding, grooming services, and veterinary care so they can determine how much they will spend for these goods and services this year. Additionally, pet owners need to determine if their pet can make do or really needs new collars, leashes, harnesses, beds bowls, sweaters, jackets, or other items. Look at products on pet stores or other online websites so that you have a clear understanding of what products cost. Once you create a budget and engage in pet budget forecasting, then you can look for ways to save money. Write to brand manufacturers for coupons for savings on necessities. Actively look for sales of your favorite brand items on their websites, in-store circulars, and price comparison websites. In some cases, pet owners may want to buy necessary products in bulk to save money. It is also important to determine if you have the time or inclination to make DIY goods (like making toys or treats) and to perform services (like grooming). 

Pet owners can also save monthly by organizing activities such as dog training classes with friends or asking service providers for multiple pet discounts. Lastly, consider other ways to save money like taking a pet-friendly vacation instead of hiring a pet sitter or utilizing a local kennel for boarding services. 


Committing to a weight loss program

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 50 million dogs are overweight. An overweight and obese dog can have the same health problems as overweight humans. These maladies include orthopedic problems, heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, and decreased lifespan. If your pet is one of the overweight pets in America, slim him down with Slim Paws. Slim Paws is a Fat Fighter Blend® of ingredients of Vitamin B6 and Leucine that help regulate energy and fat metabolism. The best part is that it is clinically proven to safely produce weight loss in dogs.  

Give your dog two chews a day and keep him moving with exercise.


Keeping pets happier

Exercise is essential for all dogs and cats because it helps keep them in shape but is really important for their mental health, too! Neither dogs nor cats like to be bored and if you give them something constructive to do, like taking a walk, they may be less likely to do something destructive, like chew shoes or claw the couch, Walking exercises the body and mind. Watching wildlife, exploring new paths, seeing other people with their pets, and so on, is great for mental stimulation for a dog or cat that he just cannot get in the same fenced area or house every day. Moreover, walking also releases excess energy and helps dogs/cats sleep better at night. Additionally, providing puzzle toys and engaging in toy rotation for dogs and cats keep the pet mind engaged. Lastly, exercise your dog or cat according to their natural instincts. Retrievers like to swim and retrieve; hunting breeds like to hunt down toys and treats down. Cats like to bat, pounce, and run.



By creating a financial plan as well as a health and wellness plan for Fido and Felix, you and your pet will have a healthier 2022.


To learn more about Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and these New Year’s Pet Resolution tips, watch her latest clips here.

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