Trends in Pet Food and Treats

The pet food industry has seen significant shifts and growth given the lasting effects the coronavirus pandemic has had on consumer expectations for their pets. As consumers continue to place increasing focus on their own health and wellness, they have reflected this mindset toward their pets’ lives.

Pet parents are looking for healthier, safer, and environmentally sound options in pet foods. They are also looking for food that is reflective of their lifestyles.

Frozen yet Fresh

Wellness Pet Company recently entered the fresh pet food sector, announcing the expansion of the Wellness Bowl Boosters® line with new Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ focused on complete and balanced nutrition, these recipes are expertly crafted to deliver health benefits pet parents can see with real, healthy ingredients selected at the peak of freshness and then frozen to lock in nutrients. Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ can be served alone as a nutritious meal or as a topper, as it is specially formulated to mix with kibble for a nutrition-supercharged bowl that will energize the pet and pet parent relationship at mealtime and support all that they love to do together. Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ is available in chicken & butternut squash, beef & carrots, turkey & sweet potatoes, and puppy recipes. The puppy recipe will be available soon for purchase. Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly are available at PetSmart,, and later this month at Petco stores around the country. Visit their site to see where:

Safer, alternative choices in dog treats

Dogs love chewing on pig ears, bully sticks, and dog antlers. The fact is they last a long time, saving you money on chew toys for powerful chewers; and they appeal to our sense of what is “natural” for our dogs. But they can cause health problems for your pooch and vet bills for you. So, what’s the alternative? Loving Pet Products Be Chewsy! line. It’s an alternative line of your K9 favorites but they are better, smarter, and healthier treats made with pork, beef, and chicken that are lower in fat, long-lasting with great chewing action, more digestible, smell and taste awesome to dogs and won’t splinter, saving you big bucks at the vet. And, they are made in the USA.

Sustainability matters

North West Naturals, owns and operates a sustainable, USDA human meat facility that is run by 1/2 megawatts of solar power. The Company, making all products from start to finish, has no outsourcing and saves because everything is produced in one facility. The freeze-dried raw diets for dogs and cats are known for their sourced and traced ingredients. All freeze-dried diets come in sustainable packaging including their new food toppers with a purpose for better pet health. Beef Liver toppers with Turmeric promote Heart health, with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; Chicken Breast toppers with Green Mussels promote a reduction in joint inflammation and help relieve arthritis; and Salmon with Mushrooms toppers promote improved energy levels, brain function, and immune health. Also, you will love their new real heart, available in two sizes for both dogs and cats, these Beef, Chicken, and Pork flavored treats are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Technology Driven

Happy Bond pet food is all about new technology, human-grade food that has a longer yet stable shelf life. Their fresh, shelf-stable POWERFOOD is produced through a gentle process that is created with their proprietary, patent-pending technology. The Company uses human-grade ingredients, (with over 60% Protein); there are no additives, no preservatives, or fillers. The vacuum seal contributes to a 2 years shelf life.

Guardian Pet’s Food Nobl brand is a healthy lifestyle food. Its tagline is freedom in a bar. Although they create bars with animal choices like turkey & duck as well as beef & chicken, we are showcasing their vegan offerings. The company's mission is to provide the most nutrient-dense pet food with the highest digestibility in a convenient bar for pet owners and pets “on the go”. Guardian pet food’s Nobl brands provide delicious vegan pet food and treats. Their delivery system, the bar, is convenient and lightweight. One bar provides a day’s complete nutrition for a 25-pound pup. Plus, they’re scored so you can break off what you need for easy incremental feeding. The vegan bars are free of fillers and made with ingredients from nature. Think oranges, beets, blueberries, broccoli, cherries, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, kelp, lentils, pea protein, and more. And there are no added synthetics (vitamins or minerals).

To learn more about Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and these products, watch the clip from KTNV ABC Las Vegas here.

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