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Celebrating April as Earth Month
In celebration of April as Earth Month, we want to help pet owners realize that their pets have an environmental impact. While you may be reducing your carbon footprint, you should also pay attention to your pet's environmental impact! Meaningful...
Spring Into Action with a Seasonal Pet Health Check
  The temperatures are rising and the flowers are starting to bloom; spring has finally sprung! For your dog or cat, springtime can also be a good time to go through a “Spring Pet Health Check”.  Why are heartworm preventives...
Did you know that March is Pet Poison Awareness Month?
While many pet owners are aware that many common foods such as grapes; raisins; onions and related plants such as chives, shallots, and garlic; Macadamia nuts; chocolate, sugar-free gum or other foods containing the sweeter xylitol are toxic to pets,...
2022 New Year’s Pet Resolutions
Did you know that the most common aspirations for this New Year are to better manage money, to loose weight and to be happier. But these goals can also apply to our pets. Managing pet dollars and cents Creating a pet budget allows a pet owner to create a spending plan for their pet needs. A budget ensures you will have […]
Challenging Times Dictate Adjustments: Veterinarians Must Focus On What Matters Most
To say that COVID-19 has changed our personal lifestyles over the past month is an understatement. The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to shelter at home, and of course avoid time with friends at social events, entertainment venues, restaurants and even church. Sure, we may have video and streaming services, take-outs from our surviving restaurants […]
Careful Use of Cleaning Products Around Pets
To help slow the spread of COVID-19, many people have started working from home, and schools and colleges have transitioned to distance learning. With heightened awareness that the virus can be transmitted by touching contaminated objects, some individuals have also started sanitizing their homes as a preventive measure. However, some of these sanitary products can […]