Fido’s Got the Back to School Blues

After the family has been home for the summer (and, of course, the pandemic), your pets have been used to a large amount of attention. Without family members home all day, your pet might act out in a variety of different ways when that attention is lost as the kids go back to school and/or college.  As a result, your pet might become depressed, destructive, or engage in house soiling. Below are some uplifting pet tips to alleviate your pet’s back-to-school blues and keep him safe.

Walk it off 

Physical exercise is a great way to lift depression. If time is an issue, hire a dog walk so Fido can get more exercise during the day.  A good walk starts with a good leash.

Toys can help

Give your dog challenging games and forging toys that will keep him mentally and physically stimulated. Seasonal cuddle toys can help, too! Leave them in your child’s dirty hamper and toss them in the dry at night for a comforting scent and temperature.

Take your pet to school

Everyone can benefit from a little training. Take local obedience, agility, or games classes.  You and your pooch will have the benefit of meeting new friends and having fun. Don’t be surprised by what your dog can do. Positive reinforcement training with treats works best.

Keep track of him with doggie GPS

If your pet goes missing looking for his human sibling, keep track of him with a pet tracker. These devices work with your Smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Music soothes your beast 

Studies have shown that pets are calmer and more relaxed listening to classical music.

Reduce the stress

Just like humans, pets can be stressed. Pet parents are reducing their stress with CBD or herbal-based calming products and doing the same as for Fido.

Crate him for safety

If your dog engages in destructive behavior (i.e., chewing, house soiling) crate him in a large soft-sided crate until her behavior is under control. Adding a blanket with the scent of lavender or peppermint essential oils helps uplift and thwart depression.

Make an in-house potty area

With a change in schedule, your pet might not have access to unlimited walks or the great outdoors. Just in case, create a potty area in your home with a catering tray and newspaper.

Find out more

To learn more about Petrendologist Charlotte Reed, her dogs, and her syndicated radio show, visit You can also watch her “Back-to-School” tips segment on CBS.

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