Sneak Peak of Trendy New Pet Products

Who doesn’t love an exclusive, insider view of game-changing products? 

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the pet industry has reached over $100 billion in annual sales, the highest level in industry history. But what new factors are contributing to the increase in pet owner-consuming spending? And what new product addresses current pet owners’ needs? 

According to Steve King, the President of the APPA, this past year presented a host of challenges for Americans that resulted in consumers across the country turning to pets for comfort and companionship. Surprisingly the consumer trends mirror pet community trends. Specifically, pet owners have a desire for healthier pet lifestyles, supplements to improve the well-being of their four-legged family members, and pet technology to play a larger role in helping them take care of their pets every day. 

Pet tech for a safer and healthier lifestyle

Since the pandemic, so many people have changed how they live including where they live. This is a bi-product of the work from home movement. Employees no longer have to live near their workplace. This development is coupled with the fact that curious pets can roam and become lost, especially if they are moved to a new living situation. As a result, there is a stronger need for keeping pets safe, as well as having the ability to return them home safely. The Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog CollarTM address this need and more. The Wagz collar creates customizable geofences; tracks your dog’s location in real-time; access daily health insights and more. It is the only no-shock virtual pet containment and wellness system. Your dog can run freely and safely inside customizable geofences while you stay connected to his wellness and whereabouts. The Wagz Freedom Collar is different from other GPS collars because it is the only one that offers customizable geofences, which are created and saved in the Wagz App. Moreover, the unique, 100% humane corrections contain your dog without shocking her. 


Grooming as a means to bond

Pet owners can say goodbye to painful dog and cat grooming! Knotty Pet is the “Feel Good” pet detangler and bonding time tool that dogs, cats, and their owners will love because it doesn’t hurt animals but makes them feel good. Knotty Pet works like no other pet detangler because it is not a brush or comb. The “secret” lies in the patented, 360-degree bristle-flex system that never gets stuck in a pet’s coast. Use Knotty Pet to contour the body of your pet without struggling. Long-haired and short-haired dogs and cats will love how it feels! 


Aging pets and preventing mental health decline

Developed by author and veterinary surgeon, Dr. Theresa Fossum,. and a veterinary neurologist, Dr. Curtis Dewey, CogniCaps is a truly integrative supplement that addresses canine cognitive dysfunction or CCD. Combining a mixture of both western and eastern treatments in one small capsule, the effective formula keeps dogs’ minds sharp even as they age. It is important to note that studies have shown that preventive measures such as dietary changes and environmental enrichment can both delay the onset and slow the progression of cognitive decline. As a result, this suggests that simple preventive measures against CCD including dietary supplements as provided in CogniCaps, may be generally advisable in pet dogs as they near middle age.

To learn more about Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and these products, watch a sneak peek of trendy, new pet products shown on Fox 5 Las Vegas More Show here.

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